Grade 8 student Jacob designed and built a prototype for a prosthetic leg using skills he learned at the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) at the Toronto Reference Library.

“I thought by creating a 3D design of a leg, professionals in South Africa could print prosthetic legs,” said Jacob. “The process of building a leg using a 3D printer is faster than using the traditional method.” This is one of the examples of the amazing creations made possible through the library’s three Digital Innovation Hubs (at Toronto Reference Library, Fort York, Scarborough Civic Centre).

Dr. Julielynn Wong is one of the speakers in the library’s Cutting Edge health series. She gave a talk on November 4 at the Don Mills Branch on how astronauts can use 3D printers to build needed medical devices while in space. Learn more.

IBM Canada Ltd. and Google are helping make new digital technology accessible to all Torontonians – particularly those with limited means. IBM is helping fund equipment at the new DIH at the Scarborough Civic Centre branch. Google is supporting the 2016 Innovator in Residence programs. Innovators in Residence are industry experts in areas such as video editing, coding, music production or sound editing. The Innovators conduct free workshops and are available for one-on-one appointments.