Your love of the library can reach into the future.

You can help the next generation of youngsters learn to read, help students succeed in school, help newcomers find jobs, help the elderly stay connected and so much more, by including Toronto Public Library Foundation in your will. Many of the programs, services and collections available at the library today are supported in part by donations received through wills.

A charitable gift that is included in a will is known as a bequest. A bequest can be included in anyone’s will – you don’t need to be rich! If you already have a will, you can add an addendum, called a codicil. If your interests or circumstances change, you can change your bequest at any time.

If you have a particular area of interest, you may designate your bequest to a specific library priority. For example, bequests are currently enhancing childhood literacy programs, cultural programming, special collections and financial skills programs.

You might be thinking, “I’d like to support the library, but I don’t know how much money there will be to pass on to my heirs and charities.” That’s not a problem. You can leave a percentage of your assets to the Foundation and other charities. Or you can leave the balance of your assets after your heirs receive their portion.

Not only will a bequest to TPLF benefit future library users, it can also benefit you and your heirs.

• By leaving a future gift, there is no change to your lifestyle or spending priorities now.

• A bequest reduces the estate taxes your heirs might need to pay.

• You can potentially give more in a bequest than you could now.

• A bequest allows you to share your values and interests with your family and heirs.

People who let us know that they have included the Toronto Public Library Foundation in their will automatically become members of our Heritage Society. Heritage Society members can choose to receive recognition in Foundation communications, are invited to Heritage Society events and can get preferred access to Appel Salon events.

Click here for more information including suggested wording for your will. To learn more about how you can make an impact, contact Liza Fernandes, Associate Director, Community and Legacy Gifts at or call 416-397-5924.