A prescription to read

Donors funded 4,000 copies of Let’s Get Ready for Reading.

“A three-year old boy was referred to the pediatric clinic because he hadn’t yet started to speak. I learned that he had never been read to and that the family didn’t own any books,” recounted Dr. Katie Dorman, Family Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Dorman helped spearhead the Reach Out and Read collaboration between St. Michael’s Hospital and Toronto Public Library.

Reach Out and Read doctors and nurses talk to parents during regular child checkups about the importance of reading to children. Donors to Toronto Public Library provided funding for 4,000 copies of the Let’s Get Ready for Reading resource guide included in the package of reading materials given to each child.

“We know that literacy – especially early literacy – is the foundation of learning and life success,” said Cheryl Skovronek, Ready for Reading Manager at Toronto Public Library. “By pairing programs like Reach Out and Read with Ready for Reading, we expand the library’s reach and provide easy access for parents and caregivers to tools, resources and simple, everyday activities that help them build early literacy skills in their children.”

Donors support many of the library’s literacy program. Learn more.