I recently received a phone call from the library (foundation). Why are you calling? How did you get my name? Wasn’t a national do not call list established?

The Library Foundation is calling current donors and potential donors to let you know the positive impact Toronto’s Library has on individual lives and the range of contributions the Library makes to Toronto and to Torontonians. And to ask for your support.

The Foundation has its own database of donors and has sourced additional names from Information Canada. The Library does not share Library user’s personal information with the Foundation unless an individual has given his or her permission (at the time of registering for or renewing a library card). We maintain completely separate and confidential lists.

As a non-profit registered charity, the TPL Foundation is exempt from the Do Not Call list and can therefore still call supporters and potential donors. We do, however, keep our own internal Do Not Call list and are diligent about not calling anyone who has asked not to be telephoned or solicited for money. If you have asked to be removed from our calling list, we will gladly oblige but it may take up to 31 days until all the records are updated and processed.

If you want to be removed from a call list and have not already requested it, please contact Mitzi Reinsilber at mreinsilber@torontopubliclibrary.ca and she will make sure you are removed from the call list.