Superheroes give money management advice

DeMarre Carroll

DeMarre Carroll at Sanderson Branch.

Money management can be tough. The earlier you can learn the skills of being successful with money and figure out how to put these skills into practice, the better. But there are so many things to learn. How do you know what you really need? What about getting a job, living on a budget and saving your money? Where can you go to for good advice? Toronto Public Library, Visa and Marvel Comics have come together to help youth learn the basics.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket’s Powerful Plan is a new comic book co-created by Marvel Comics and Visa with tips on managing money.  The comic combines Marvel’s iconic Super Heroes with Visa’s financial literacy expertise to deliver important messages in a kid-friendly format.


Real-life hero Toronto Raptors’ DeMarre Carroll was at Sanderson Branch for the comic book launch. “I wish when I was younger someone had told me to save my money and get ready for the real world of finance. I wouldn’t have made some of the boneheaded mistakes I made when I first got into the NBA.” DeMarre believes in hard work, both on the court and in the community. At the event, he had this tip for being successful: “In order to get what you want to get in life, do what you want to do in life, and become who you want to be in life, finance is the biggest thing, so learning at an early age is very, very important.”

Thank you to Visa and Marvel for supporting financial literacy. Toronto Public Library has many programs on money management. Another donor-funded program is Retirement on a Low Income, made possible with funding from the Rotary Club of Toronto.