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Big or small, every gift is an investment in the health and vitality of our city.

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Libraries matter, now more than ever.

Since 1997, the role of the Toronto Public Library Foundation has been to raise funds that help amplify and accelerate the exceptional work that TPL does. Donations have a resounding impact on those who rely on the Library’s programs, services and spaces – particularly during this challenging time.


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Literary Circle members are a community of Library champions who support TPL’s highest needs. A minimum monthly donation of $125 provides you access to events featuring fascinating authors, story-tellers and thought-leaders.

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Boosting Seniors’ Digital Literacy

TPL introduces the Community Librarians for Seniors’ Initiative where staff connect with seniors at their point of need and work with community agencies to help increase digital confidence, while reducing loneliness, increasing independence and social connectedness.

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When you include Toronto Public Library in your will or other estate plans, you ensure the Library thrives today and for generations to come.

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Toronto Public Library makes our city more resilient.

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    We’ll be back soon! Please keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates, and email with any questions.

  • Make a legacy gift

    When you include TPL in your will or other estate plans, you ensure the library thrives today and for generations to come.

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  • Borrow a MAP pass and visit a Toronto attraction

    Our donor-funded Museum + Arts Pass (MAP) program is excited to welcome Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Get your free pass at one of 32 TPL branches today.

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Why Toronto Public Library?

  • Focus on Equity

    TPL is committed to helping level the playing field for all Torontonians, and will work to understand and break down barriers to access and increase inclusion so that everyone feels welcome and represented at the Library.
  • Supporting our Community

    No other public institution has the mandate and reach, physical and technical infrastructure, talent and community presence to empower Torontonians the way TPL does.
  • Access for Everyone

    There continues to be a digital divide in our city that makes access to technology and the skills to navigate and use it, challenging. For vulnerable populations who are most impacted, TPL provides equitable access that is critical for Torontonians to be successful, connected and well.

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