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Get in touch with our wonderful staff. Get in touch with our wonderful staff.

Welcome to the TPL Foundation

Our team members are experts in what they do. Contact us for more information on how you can become a donor and make a difference at Toronto Public Library.

  • Meet-the-team-Sandra-Aldcroft

    Sandra Aldcroft

    Senior Manager, Stewardship and Donor Communications

    TPL’s value is unmatched. More than just bricks and mortar, libraries educate, innovate and connect people. As a child, my branch was a vital resource where I could explore and gain knowledge. Libraries breathe life into our communities, making them stronger, healthier, and more productive.
  • Meet the team Carmen Chow

    Carmen Chow

    Donor Relations & Database Coordinator

    I love that the Library is welcoming and accessible to everyone. It provides not only books and computers but also so many programs and services to help build and lift up Toronto and its communities.
  • Emily Connell

    Emily Connell

    Manager, Events & Donor Engagement

    As a mother of two, it’s important to me how the library helps level the playing field for kids. The greatest lesson I can teach my children is to be compassionate and kind to others, and this is exactly what the library does.
  • Meet the team Martha Darby

    Martha Darby

    Manager, Marketing & Communications

    Storytelling is important in my life. It helps frame my experience in the world and understand others. Libraries hold our stories – not just within books, but between exchanged ideas and interactions. What I love most about TPL is it’s a place where everyone’s story can unfold
  • Meet the team Moira Dossertor

    Moira Dossetor, PhD

    Vice President, Philanthropy

    Everybody is welcome. That’s what I love most about TPL. You can find anything you might need: a refuge from the heat, help reading or writing, coaching on career goals, financial counselling, a quiet study space, even a musical instrument to try – it’s all there waiting for you.
  • Meet the team Liza Fernandes

    Liza Fernandes

    Vice President, Operations & Governance

    I love the Library because it’s accessible to everyone, meeting one’s needs at every stage of life. No two people use the Library the same way, but it’s essential in each of our lives. The Library was the first place I felt at home when I immigrated to Canada.
  • Meet the team Tracy Finkelstein

    Tracy Finkelstein

    Vice President, Marketing & Communications

  • Meet the team Helen Gaan

    Helen Gaan

    Senior Manager, Individual Giving and Events

    Libraries are the beating hearts of communities. I love that everyone is welcome and that each branch is as unique as the community it serves. I’m so grateful to the Library for providing space for everyone to learn, grow and explore – or just simply be who they are.
  • Angela Grabham

  • Meet the team Ranjan Khatri

    Ranjan Khatri, CFRE

    Senior Manager, Donor Database & Operations

    TPL being very welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all which is what I love the most. The wide variety of programs, services, and abundant resources that the library offers, is remarkable. TPL serves as a cultural hub within the city, contributing to its cultural richness and vitality.
  • Meet the team Christine Latimer

    Christine Latimer

    Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

    I love that the library provides agency to learn freely. The most transformative process in my life has been self-directed study. For everyone in every class, the opportunity to chart one’s educational course, from learning a language, vocation, or history, is made possible by libraries.
  • Maria Piovesana

    Coordinator, Marketing & Communications

    I love the Library because there is something for everyone. For me, it was a haven of stories that I grew up with and adored. But it’s much more than that, it’s a place to learn skills, meet people, and connect communities together within your city.
  • Leah Rakopolous

    Leah Rakopoulos

    Director, Major Gifts

    Libraries are for everyone. Everything about them—from programs and services to collections and the design of the space—is created with community in mind. No two libraries are the same, each offering something new to discover with each visit.
  • Melanie Rodriguez

    Director, Corporate Partnerships

    I love Toronto Public Library because it brings hope for a more equitable future. It connects our communities to vital programming and resources, and inspires us all to be more inclusive, collaborative, and kind.
  • Jodee Santos

    Coordinator, Individual Giving

  • Meet the team Will Scott

    William Scott, PhD

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Angela Seelal

    Financial Analyst

    The free and equitable access to services, literature, programming and so much more, is what I love most about TPL. It is great how the Library is able to evolve and meet the changing needs of the community it supports.
  • Meet the team Rhonda Sogren

    Rhonda Sogren

    Development Officer, Legacy Gifts

    The Library is more than books to me. Arriving in East York over a decade ago, the Library embraced me, easing my isolation and making me feel a part of a vibrant community. It’s a place where strangers become friends.