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Give a gift with lasting impact

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Establish or give to an Endowment Fund

A named fund is a meaningful way to honour a loved one or your own love of the Library and your commitment to the Library’s future. The fund will ensure that your capital is held over the long term and that the income earned provides a sustained source of funding for a program, service or area of Toronto Public Library that you are passionate about, like children’s literacy, civic engagement or collection support.

Named funds, expendable or endowed, may be established during one’s lifetime, through a bequest in one’s will, or a combination of the two. Your fund may be created with a minimum commitment of $25,000, payable over up to three years. Once established, friends and family may add to and grow your fund at any time, with no minimum amount. For more information, click HERE.

You may also choose to support an existing endowment with a gift of any amount. To donate to an existing endowment, please download and complete the Endowment Donation Form and mail it to the Foundation, or donate online.

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Support an Endowment

  • John Charles Butler
    Endowment Fund

    Donations honour John Charles Butler, an avid Library user and lover, and support author programming at TPL

    Support Author Talks
  • June Callwood
    Endowment Fund

    Honouring the life, work and legacy of journalist, author and social activist June Callwood by supporting a lecture at TPL addressing social justice.

    Support Social Justice
  • Buddy Chien
    Endowment Fund

    To Buddy Chien, a newcomer to Canada, the Library was his home away from home and connection to the community. This Legacy Fund supports collections, programs and services for newcomers and the needs of the Scarborough Civic Centre Library branch

    Support Newcomer Services
  • Rita Cox Endowment Fund

    The fund supports the Rita Cox Black and Caribbean Heritage Collection at Toronto Public Library, which highlights the Black and Caribbean experience with special emphasis on Canadian content.

    Support Heritage Collections
  • Grayce Margaret Griffith Endowment Fund

    Supporting TPL’s Home Library Service which is our Library on wheels that brings materials to those who are housebound due to age, illness or disability.

    Support Home Library Service
  • Pauline and Gordon Hinch Endowment Fund

    This Fund provides a full or partial scholarship for TPL staff who wish to become Librarians. Established by Pauline Hinch, a former TPL Librarian, and her husband Gordon, who saw the impact librarians have in our city and value of staff development at the Library.

    Support Staff Development
  • Usha Kanakaratnam Endowment Fund

    The Fund supports Ready for Reading, a program that encourages a lifelong love of reading and builds reading readiness for children birth to five years old.

    Get Kids Ready for Reading
  • Ann Keller Endowment Fund

    Established by Ann Keller, former Coordinator of Children’s Services, North York Public Library, the Fund supports collections, programs, services and staff development directed toward serving children ages 12 and under at TPL.

    Support Children’s Programs
  • Rose and Milton Kirsh Endowment Fund

    Supports groundbreaking programs and services, collections and community spaces at  the Library. Every contribution to this Fund is an investment in literacy, education, culture and in the advancement of our world-class city.

    Support Groundbreaking Initiatives
  • Muller Scholastic
    Endowment Fund

    Honouring Lawrence Muller, retired president of Scholastic Canada,  the Fund supports the annual Canadian Children’s Literature Festival, Book Bash, and promotes Canadian children’s authors and illustrators.

    Support Book Bash Festival
  • Thomas H. Orac
    Endowment Fund

    In honour of Thomas H. Orac (born Harry Offenberg), a man with a passion for knowledge, and a love of books and of libraries around the world. This Fund supports TPL collections, programs and services that promote equity and outreach to our City’s underserved populations.

    Help Promote Equity and Outreach
  • Jack Rabinovitch Reading Room Endowment Fund

    Situated on the fourth floor at the Toronto Reference Library, the Fund supports the ongoing programming and animation of this welcoming new space where Torontonians can discover a passion for Canadian literature.

    Support Canadian Literature
  • Thomas Reed Endowment Fund

    Established by Thomas and Helga Reed in 2019, the Fund supports the highest priority needs of Toronto Public Library and honours Thomas Reed’s lifelong passion and support of the Library.

    Support Highest Priority Needs
  • Sophie’s Studio
    Endowment Fund

    Sophie’s Studio funds a variety of programs that bolster the reading and writing skills of young children, including Writing Workshops and KidsStops.

    Boost Children’s Reading & Writing skills
  • Helen Weinzweig
    Endowment Fund

    Award-winning author Helen Weinzweig established this endowment to help support programs and services for youth at Toronto Public Library.

    Support Toronto’s Youth

Donate to an Endowment

To donate to an existing endowment, download and complete the Endowment Donation Form and mail it to the Foundation, or give a gift online.