A better way to celebrate A better way to celebrate

Make it more meaningful by giving a gift and supporting your Library.

When guests are invited to an Echoage birthday party online,  instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present to the party,  they simply rsvp and give a secure online gift. All the contributions are pooled together and half of the funds collected are sent to the parent hosting the party and the birthday boy or girl chooses any gift or gifts they want. The other half of the funds collected at the party are sent by Echoage to the Toronto Public Library Foundation to help support Library programs, services, collections and spaces.



  • Select your invitation from hundreds of original designs at your fingertips.
  • For birthdays, showers, bar mitzvahs, virtual parties & more
  • Paperless & eco-friendly
  • Pick the design you love and add your party details
  • So fast and easy


  • Scrambling for a great teacher’s gift?
  • ECHOage offers a better way to appreciate teachers.
  • Your teacher gets to choose a gift they love and support a cause they care about.
  • It’s meaningful appreciation made easy.

Easily invite guests and manage rsvps and contributions. Online message guests directly or chat on the party messageboard. Imagine no more misplaced invitations or missed details, which takes the stress out of party planning. Its more party and less planning!