Welcoming newcomers to Toronto

Arriving in a new country can be a daunting and isolating experience. Toronto Public Library is often the first introduction newcomers have to our city, offering valuable welcome resources to help individuals not only explore the Library, but navigate their way in a brand new city.

Meet Carrie

“Coming alone from China, adjusting to a new country was tough, but the library became my lifeline offering more than just books. The Library organized courses that helped me connect with others. This was especially important to me since I didn’t have friends or family here.  TPL played a key role in shaping my Canadian journey, and the help I got made a big difference in my life.” Thank you Toronto Public Library.

Carrie came to Toronto in 2014 from China as a student.

Meet Ataman

“I come from the Middle East with my family looking for a good destination to follow my dreams and start my own business in the field of environmental change. For this reason, I chose Canada because it is a great place to foster a tech start-up and helps entrepreneurs like me to do their own business.  I found a lot of programs at TPL related to newcomers from English classes, webinars, workshops, financial advisory resources and access to a space to work in that helped my business.”

Ataman came to Toronto from Iran in 2023 to build a new life for his family.

Meet Vincci

“Moving to a new country is challenging. It’s overwhelming and it’s costly. The fact that I was able to access all this information through my library card for free was so impactful and changed our lives.”

Vincci moved to Toronto from Hong Kong in 2021 to give her daughter a better life.

Meet Yoel

“I just got my first library card and I can’t wait to use it. I am discovering all the services the library provides. I’m amazed at all that you can do at the Library, like borrow a musical instrument!  I’m going to try out a guitar for free at the Downsview branch. Thank you Toronto Public Library for welcoming me.”

Yoel moved to Toronto in 2023 from Sudan due to an ongoing civil war. He told us he made the decision for two reasons; to study, and for a better life.

Toronto Public Library offers a number of services to help newcomers settle into life in Canada.
Some of the resources that are unlocked with a Library card include:

Learn more about what TPL has to offer for newcomers at https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/new-to-canada/.

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